24x24 Two Car Garage with Hardie Stucco Siding

James Hardie Stucco Panel

Fiber Cement Siding


The owner of this St Paul garage wanted to match her stucco home as much as possible but didn't want to pay for real stucco. In this situation I always recommend James Hardie stucco panel fiber cement siding. 

James_Hardie_Stucco_Panel_Garage_with_ShedIt does have seams every 48" which isn't ideal but has the look and feel of real stucco for thousands of dollars less.

This garage also had an attached shed on the side for additional storage and a really nice architectural detail. 


James Hardie Fiber Cement Stucco Panel Siding:

  • The look and feel of real stucco
  • Extremely durable fiber cement siding
  • Low maintenance   
  • Easy to paint
  • Thousands of dollars less than real stucco