FHA Title One Garage Construction Loan

Add value to your home by financing your new garage with an FHA Title One Garage Construction Loan today!

Western Construction offers several types of financing options for your garage construction needs, but non as unique, fast or easy as our FHA Title-One Garage Construction loan.

FHA Garage Construction Financing Quick & Easy

Our FHA Title One financing experts can have a homeowner living in Minnesota officially approved within 24 hours. Homeowners may receive the funds in as quickly as 12 days. They also have the option of a check or wire transfer to receive the funds. Its as simple as that!

Why Choose FHA Title One Garage Construction Loan?

  • No equity required
  • No appraisal required
  • No contractor fees
  • Quick pre-qualifications
  • 100% upfront funding (cash is disbursed before work is done)
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Tax deductible interest (consult your tax adviser)
  • Secured loans up to $25,000
  • Unsecured loans up to $7,500

Plus One Program Highlights

  • Option for borrower to receive a unsecured bank loan of $15,000 in addition to the Title One $25,000 secured loan
  • Allows borrower to receive a larger loan while maintaining low monthly payments
  • Merged billing (2 loans, 1 statement)
  • 100% upfront funding
  • No pre-payment penalties

Safe and Secure Financing

  • The application process and funding your FHA Title One Loan is 100% private. Its between the borrower and bank. No Western involvement other than the referral.

To find out more about FHA Title One Garage Construction Financing in Minneapolis call 952-920-8888 or in St Paul 651-644-6900.