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Hannah Chazin Meets Apple Computer Co-Founder Steve Wozniak

Western Garage Builders Minneapolis, MN Last summer my daughter Hannah Chazin a business major at High Point University in North Carolina came home and started her (paid) internship with Western Construction, Inc. Hannah will be the third generation Chazin to run the successful Minneapolis Saint Paul garage construction company so I thought now would be as good a time as any to learn how a real business works, instead of just what you learn about business from a book.  Read More

True Focus Vision | A Parents Story

True Focus Vision Therapy Update 2-1-2017 Joe Schmidt from KSTP Sports featured Devan Dubnyk the Minnesota Wild Goalie and Max Chazin in a story about True Focus Vision in Edina, MN. During our New Year’s Eve dinner with friends, I was sitting next to Mike Palm, a hockey parent whose son plays for UMD. We were bragging about our sons when I mentioned the problem Max was having at the plate. My son, Max Chazin, has been training at Hit Dawg Academy, a baseball training facility in Minneapolis, MN since he was 12 years old. Shawn Wooten, Pat, Matt, and Dan have taught Max how to swing like the pros. At 12 years old, Max came in second place in the Home Run Derby at Bennett Family Park and had the second most home runs during the regular Minnetonka baseball season.  Read More

Minnesota's Most Trusted Garage Builder

So, I need your help. My son Zachary Chazin like all sons will listen to just about everyone before he listens to me. He's been learning about blogging, web site content, structure and SEO. I asked him to write his first post which he did but of course he wont listen to his father when it comes to constructive criticism. Please use our Facebook social network button at the end of the post or this link to let him know what you think. I'll update this post as the comments come in.  Read More

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