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Minneapolis_Garage_Builders_Milton_-_Bradley_and_Zachary_Chazin_Edited.jpgWhy Choose Western Construction, Inc. 

My grandfather founded this company in 1949 on 2 basic principles:

“Give people what they want, and don’t charge too much.” - Milton Chazin 

7 Decades and 3 generations later we still operate off these simple and basic principles. Times may have changed but our company's vision set forth by my grandfather remains untouched. 

What sets us apart from our competition is also what makes us Minnesota’s most trusted garage builder.

Our concrete slabs are structurally engineered specifically for the harsh Minnesota weather. Reinforced with wire mesh and rebar. Whereas most builders will use one or the other. 

Our concrete men are father son crews - who have been with our company for 3 generations and are the most skilled cement laborers in the business.

Garage Construction 

My father, who I call “The Concrete Guru” knows more about cement than I think we both care to admit. He takes pride in traveling across the country to cement expos, learning about the best practices used to create a product that separates us from the rest. Like he always says “You can tell the difference between a Wester Garage and our competitors, by looking at the slab 10 years later”

Concrete is one of the most important parts of garage construction. It is our reputation and it is something we take much pride in. You can fix a loose shingle but once the slab is poured there is often no going back. 

Additionally the fact that we are a  family business that has been operating for 70 consecutive years, speaks volumes over our competitors. If you have a question, comment or concern. You call me direct on my cell phone or the office and are sure to speak directly to me or my father who is the president of the company. No run around. No nonsense. 

When choosing between garage builders, the most important question to ask yourself is simple. Who do you trust. At western we don’t use modern day sales practices. We don’t go for the one call close, or hassle you on the phone until you buy from us. We give you a fair and honest estimate and let our work history speak for itself. Then we build you a garage that we all can be proud of. The way it should be."



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