Minnesota Garage Styles

A Minnesota Garage Without Style Is Just A Pile Of Lumber

  • Garage_Lumber_Package_35084 2x4 Wall Studs, 13 Factory Truss Rafters
  • 40 Sheets of Wall & Roof Sheathing
  • 400 Framing nails, 1,920 Sheathing and 1,564 roofing Nails
  • And Bla, Bla, Bla

Pretty boring right? That's why choosing the right garage style for your is so important!


Western Garage Builders most popular 2 Car Garage style

20x22 Two Car Garage with 4/12 Standard Truss

This is the most popular standard Minnesota two car garage style and size. It has all the features you'd expect in a garage today. Premium vinyl siding, aluminum soffit and fascia (over hangs), 16x7 raised panel overhead door and 1 window and service door.

Garage Construction most popular garage style

22x22 Gable Roof Garage with 7/12 Storage Truss

This Minnesota storage truss garage is the most popular style garage if your looking for more storage without taking up more of your yard. The owners of this St Louis Park, MN Garage wanted to match their home as close as possible. They requested LP SmartSide Siding factory painted to match, wide trim around the overhead door, service door and windows. Click Here to  Read-More/See-More Pictures.

Minneapolis 2 car 2 story garage style22x24 Gable Roof Garage with 10/12 Room in Attic Trusses

When you have more stuff than lot size this style garage is the only way to go. Their is a full staircase leading to the second floor with a room size of 12x24. The roof has 12" over hangs on all four sides with James Hardie lap siding.

St Paul MN large 2 car garage style with a dutch hip roof style30x26 Dutch Hip Garage

Look closely at the front and rear roof line of this garage. The ends are clipped for a roof style known as a Dutch Hip. The roof pitch is a 9/12 with storage trusses, LP Smart Side lap siding, 16x7 and 9x7 raised panel overhead doors and architectural roofing shingles. 

24x24_2 car garage James_Hardie_Stucco_Board_Garage style

24x24 Reverse Gable Roof Garage with James Hardie Stucco Board Siding

The owner of this St Paul garage wanted the look and feel of real stucco but without the additional cost. In this situation I always recommend James Hardie Fiber Cement Stucco Panel siding... Click  To Read More 

St_Paul MN_Cottage_Garage style

16x22 Garage in Historic St Paul Neighborhood 

Building garages in one of St Paul's most exclusive and historic neighborhoods is no small task. You have to blend what the homeowner wants with what the Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Commission will accept. 

This garage is a great example of doing just that. We blend modern day materials with old worth charm to build this one of a kind carriage style garage.


Attached_Garage_Lake_Minnetonka_Historic_House-1Attached Garage On Historic Lake Minnetonka MinnesotaHome

Our marching orders were to match the home's exterior features and bare no expense. These Orono homeowners were serious about restoring this historic home to its original glory.

St Louis Park, MN 8/12 storage truss roof garage style

Two Car Garages

Some homeowners want their Garages to match the style of their home. On this St Louis Park, MN Two Car Garage Western Garage Builders did exactly that. We used James Hardie, HardiePlank siding on the walls of this garage with James Hardie, HardieShingle Staggered Edge Notched Panel siding in the front gable. The front of this home had a interesting detail which the owners really liked and wanted to match. The carpenters used tracing paper to copy the detail and was able to hand cut and reproduce it above the overhead Garage Door.

Two Car Richfield MN Garages

Two Car Garages

This 24x40 4 car Garage is located in Richfield, Minnesota where your allowed 1,000 square feet of Detached Garage. Driving by this home you'd never guess it was a 4 car Garage so it blends into the neighborhood perfectly. If we would;d have made the garage 40 wide by 24 deep it would have overpowered the the home and looks out of place. You don't notice depth as much as width so we build a lot of tandem garages in Richfield Minnesota.    

Minnetonka MN backyard garage style

Two Car Garages

This Minnetonka, Minnesota homeowner was paying hundreds of dollars each month to store his antique cars. He built a 24x30 detached garage in his back yard so he wouldn't have to drive to the storage garage every time he wanted to take one of his beautiful antique cars out for a Sunday drive. Not only is it convenient having his cars on site but he's also building additional equity for his home.

The materials used on this garage were, Alside Vinyl Siding, Alside Aluminum Soffit and Fascias, GAF/ELK roofing shingles and a 16x7 raised panel steel insulated overhead garage door.

1 car garage style_Garages_with_Storage

Single Car Garage

This owner loves her 16x22 South Minneapolis garage. She wanted to save as much of her yard as possible without sacraficing storage. We raised the pitch of her roof using 7/12 storage trusses. vinyl siding, aluminum soffit and fascia, 9x7 raised panel steel overhead garage door, one row of cement block on top of the slab, a cement driveway, one window and a service door. The electric package has one overhead light, one overhead outlet for the garage door opener, one wall outlet, one flood light with motion sensor and a 20 amp line.


Single Car Garages Hopkins MN

Single Car Garages

Sometimes single car Garages with a little extra storage is what you need. This Single car Garage was built in Hopkins Minnesota. Its a 14' wide by 36' deep Garage. While most Garages are 22' deep this customer wanted a small workshop in the rear of the garage. We separated the two garage areas with a partition wall. We built a cement ramp into the the storage area of the Garage so larger items can be wheeled into the Garage instead of having to fight a step. Garages that are deeper than they are wide are very popular where space is very limited. 

This Is What Our Customers Are Saying About Western Garage Builders

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By marge - Mar 5, 2010

I compared about a total of 5 garage builders, before choosing Western Garage Builders. What sold me was his commitment and prep work. Bradley Chazin himself came to do the quote. He brought his folder of information showing me his license, a better business report of A+ (which I also found on the internet) and certificates of him being a master of cement. He was very clear about how cement in MN can be tricky and it needs to be done just right. His literature helped on showing detailed pictures of every step of the Garage building process! I liked this very much. Bradley also provided a referral in my own neighborhood. I knew the Garage already and loved it! It couldn't have gone better. The weather was beautiful. The work started a week after signing the agreement. Demo was done in 6 hours! After waiting a week for the cement to cure, work got started on the building and didn't stop until it was done one week later. I was careful to let the cement continue to cure another 28 days, then sealed it with a sealer as per Brad's advice! It's been a thing of BEAUTY ever since!

Thank you Western Garage Builders!