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Dear Brad Chazin and Everyone at Western Construction, Inc.,

I am Very pleased with the way the garage turned out! Special thanks to the following for a job well done:

St Paul Garage Builders Western Construction, Inc.

The foreman

The foreman who patiently answered all my phone calls and numerous questions, skillfully coordinated all aspects of the construction, and went that extra mile to ensure the whole process was as painless to me as possible. Special thanks for your patience in waiting for the special order siding to come in. I am especially pleased that it is 99+% exactly like the 30+ year old siding on my house, and only a fussbudget like me who stared back and forth at the samples for days could tell the 1% difference.

The St Paul excavator John Doyle and his assistant

- as glad as I am that I was comfortably inebriated during the old garage removal process (!) and that I am not a regular on "Extreme Makeover Home Edition," I am even more glad and especially impressed with how carefully and skillfully he removed the old foundation and parking apron, sparing all plants/trees I asked and even some plants that were right up next to the foundation. I highly recommend him to anyone needing similar removals.

The St Paul cement crew

- unfortunately I missed them, but they did a super fine job and were great about coming back to alter the doorway positions. The slope is perfect, and it's exactly where I wanted it to be! Tell them thanks, also, for going that extra mile in trimming my "lilac jungle" back so nicely!

The St Paul carpenters

- Tony and Alex were especially thorough and made sure they had the correct specifications for everything. Special thanks to them for tying back the "saved tree""(which I have now trimmed he'll be happy to know!).

The electrician

- John from Amp Electric was so good-natured and skillful, especially about the outlet installations. Tell him I am sorry I freaked out about the trench, and special thanks to him for a super job filling it back in (also putting the sidewalk pieces back in, and cleaning up the basement where the new wiring went) and I can hardly tell it's there!

The overhead door installer

- John from Aker Door did a great job, and I just realized last night, after looking as Susan and Dennis' garage (which Western built) opener mechanism, that I needed a light bulb in this apparatus!

The cleanup crew

- He did a very thorough job clearing out the construction debris and thanks to him also for letting me have fun playing with the magnetized stick to find nails! Also for moving the left over siding and shingles in the garage for me.

Everyone did a fantastic job, and I highly recommend Western Construction, Inc. to anyone who needs at least a garage. It's been a pleasure doing business with you!

Thank you all so much,
Breda Avenue St Paul, MN

P.S. Your advertising sign out front should read "Well and Proudly Built by Western Construction, Inc.!!!"