Frequently Asked Garage Questions

How much does a garage cost?

How much a does a garage cost is probably the question most often asked. The exact garage cost is based on so many variables that its impossible to post online. However I have a internet special page which lists many of the options and features you’d expect in a garage today.

Do you offer garage removal?

Yes, Western will tear down your old garage and haul it away. Your old cement will be  recycled,  ground up and re-used as fill. Minneapolis and Saint Paul alleys are between 12′-18′ wide. In these situations its extremely important you use a experienced removal expert. On a typical Minneapolis or St Paul garage your neighbors garage is 1′-2′ away. Our experts will completely tear town your old garage without leaving a scratch on your neighbors garage.

Do I need air-entrained concrete in my garage slab?

Air entrained concrete is required by the building code whenever concrete will be exposed to temperatures below freezing.  By adding an air-entrained admixture to your garage slab or driveway your adding bubbles of air into the concrete which helps protect your concrete during the freeze and thaw cycles we have in Minnesota.

Why and what kind of steel re-reinforcement do you will you use in my garage slab?

Properly positioned reinforcement is used to reduce crack widths and minimize horizontal separation and is required in all Minnesota garage slabs and driveways.

For garage slab footings:  two rows of #4 (1/2″) rebar are recommended around the perimeter, one above the other.

The garage slab itself should be reinforced by either the use of rebar or 6×6x10 gauge welded wire fabric (wire mesh).

How late in the year can you build a Minnesota garage?

Concrete should never be poured on frozen ground. Concrete can safely be poured in temperatures above freezing.   Once poured your garage slab should be protected from freezing for at least two to three days afters it poured by the use of insulating blankets. Use of air-entrained concrete is more important for concrete that has the potential to be frozen, as it will improve the strength characteristics of the concrete.

Can a new detached Garage help me sell my home?

Earlier this spring I had a customer in Minnetonka Minnesota who was trying to sell her home, have me out for a free garage estimate.

She explained to me that she had several open houses and not one offer. Her Realtor told her it was because of the old dilapidated detached garage. Her Realtor told her several cars pulled into the driveway and after looking at the garage backed out of the drive and drove away. Leslie couldn’t believe no one wanted her beautiful Minnetonka home because of a garage.

I told her I hear that all the time and I believed a new garage would help. Leslie thought I was just trying to sell another garage.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, I wanted to sell a garage but if it doesn’t benefit the customer I’ll tell them the truth. The Realtor was the person pushing for the new garage. He was tired of hosting open houses and not getting any offers.

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