Minnesota Garage Building Permit Specifications

Garage Builders and Contractors in the Minneapolis Saint Paul Metro are required to get a Building before work can begin.

MN Garages, Building permits are required for construction of all garages built in Minnesota especially the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Saint Paul and surrounding area.

In Minnesota just about every city has a slightly different interpretation of the Minnesota building code so its very important to check with your local building building department before going to far into the garage construction planning process. 

For instance, Minneapolis Garage Builders and Contractors are allowed to be 1' from a side lot line but St Paul Garage contractors are required to be 3' from the side lot line. When a Minneapolis garage faces the alley the set back is 6'-8' depending on the width of the alley. In contrast, Saint Paul Builders and Contractors are allowed to be as close as 2' from the alley when facing the alley. These are just a few examples of why you should check with your local building department before building your new garage.

Zoning approval is also required to build Garages or other accessory buildings. A Garage permit application and two sets of Garage Construction Plans must be submitted for review in most Twin Cities building departments. The Garage Plans must clearly indicate how the Garage will be constructed. The Garage Plans must also indicate where the Garage will be installed on the property.  An application and plans must be reviewed and approved by the local  Building Official prior to the issuance of a permit. Most applications are approved within a week.  The permit fee is based upon the value of the work.

You can contact the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry at 651-284-5069 or   http://www.dli.mn.gov/ccld/licverify.asp

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry also has a garage builder contractor License look up page. Garage Builder License Look Up

Garage Builders MN Required Garage Inspections

A Typical Twin Cities Garage will have at least 5 separate inspections. A survey needs to be done before a footing inspection can be made. In fact, to be safe you should have your lot staked before you apply for the building permit. This way you'll know before you start work if there are any problems. The survey needs to be done by a licensed land surveyor. 

MN Garage Footing/Slab Inspection:

After forming the garage slab, complete with compacted sand/gravel and all reinforcements are in place (re-bar and wire mesh) the inspector will be called for the footing inspection. After the inspectors have approved the form work, then and only then are you allowed to pour your garage slab.

A floating slab is used for all detached garages. Attached garages must be built with frost footings which extend down to frost depth which in our area of Minnesota is 42".

Framing Inspection:

After framing and roofing the Garage; prior to siding; for firewalls/eaves & shear walls

Garage Builders MN Sheathing Inspection:

The building inspectors may want to look at and make sure the sheathing is nailed with the correct type of nails and the correct nailing pattern and spacing. This has to be done before the siding can be installed. This will vary from city to city.

Electrical Inspection:

There will be two inspections for all electrical work. The first is and ruff in inspection where the building inspector will want to look at everything before connected to the circuit box and electrified. After the ruff in inspection has been approved, your electrician will connect the electric, fill in all trenching, turn on the electric and call for the final. This inspection is quick because most everything was already approved. 

Final Building Inspection:

After the overhead door and opener has been installed and the final electrical inspection has been signed off the building inspector will sign off one more time and your new garage is complete.

Other Inspections

In addition to the above inspections, the inspector may make or require other inspections to ascertain compliance with the provisions of the code or to assist you with your questions or concerns during the garage construction process.

The information above is for general garage Minneapolis and St Paul residential construction projects. Contact your local building inspection department for specific codes relating to your garage project.

Garage Builders MN don't forget to bring your wallet. The cost of building permits very's wildly. A simple two car detached garage can run anywhere from $200 all the way up to $800.00. Attached garages are almost double that of the same size detached garage.