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When it comes to building a new garage one of the most frequently asked questions I get is, what size garage should I build? Followed by what garage design is best?

For over 67 years the answer has always been the same, the biggest garage you can afford.

Minneapolis Garage Builders Single Car Garage Size

I cant remember anyone telling me their garage was too large or they had too much room. However, I'm always told I wish I would have built the garage a little larger.

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Garage Builders MN Three Car Garage SizeHomeowners worry that another 2' in either direction will make a difference to the look and feel of their yard. The reality is, the part of you're yard closest to your home is what you use most often, not the area by the alley or rear yard. Your patio, grill or garden areas are generally closest to your back door. Your garage is always located in the rear yard or alley.

Put your hands up and approximate 2' garage width. Will this really make a difference to the look and feel of your yard? To your garage that 2' can make a huge difference in it's function. Two feet gives you more room to walk around your car, additional storage or just easier to drive in and out of.

Before your structure is built, an additional two feet will only cost a couple of hundred dollars. Afterwords that two feet will cost thousands.

Garage Builders Minnesota Two Car Garage SizeGarage Builders MN Standard Garage Sizes

Single car garage sizes could be anywhere from 12x20 to 14x22. Most people will bump the size up to a 16x22. The difference in the cost of your garage is minimal compared to the extra space.

Minneapolis Garage Builders 2 story 2 car garageThe most common two car garage size on a Minneapolis or St Paul city lot is 20x22. 2-1/2 car garages start at 22x22 and go up in 2' increments. Western recomends building your garage as large as you feel comfortable.

Three car garage designs will start at 30x22 and go up from there. All cities have a maximum square footage allowed. Minneapolis for example limits the maximum size of their garages to 676 square feet. This will allow you a three car garage, either a 30x22 or 32x20 three car garage.

If you want to really maximize the foot print of your garage change your garage design and consider going up. Many of the buildings we build today incorporate room in attic trusses with or without dormers. This is a great place for that home office, exercise room and yes, lets not forget about the famous man cave. Truth be told there are more women asking for the second floor garages than men. 

No matter what size or garage designs you want, it starts with a call to Western Construction, Inc. for a FREE quote.

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