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Minneapolis MN Garage Building Permit Cost

How much does a detached garage building permit cost in the City of Minneapolis MN? That depends on the size of detached garage you want to build. In the old days, the City of Minneapolis MN would base their detached garage fee schedule on the actual sale price of your garage. Since the selling price of contractors will vary, the City of Minneapolis now uses  Read More

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Minnesota Custom Garage Builders | Western Construction Inc

I was recently contacted by a customer who asked if we were a custom garage builder? Of course, we're the Twin Cities best custom garage builders, why do you ask? He said our web site is full of garages but nothing came close to the type of custom garage he wanted.  Read More

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New Garage Sold Home

Earlier this spring I spoke with a Minneapolis homeowner who was trying to sell her home. She was uncertain spending the money on a new garage would be a good investment. After a  short phone call she decided to have me out so we could discuss her options.  Read More

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