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Minneapolis MN Garage Building Permit Cost


How much does a detached garage building permit cost in the City of Minneapolis MN?

That depends on the size of detached garage you want to build. In the old days, the City of Minneapolis MN would base their detached garage fee schedule on the actual sale price of your garage. Since the selling price of contractors will vary, the City of Minneapolis now uses

 a detached garage value based on the State of Minnesota data. That cost per square foot is $37.81. 


Fore example, a 22x22 detached garage is 484 square feet @ $37.81 per square foot = $18,300.04 Minnesota valuation. Then the City of Minneapolis use's a secret formula to come up with the actual permit cost of $436.40. They're not done yet, a surcharge of $9.15 is added for a total 22x22 Minneapolis detached garage permit fee of $445.55.

For Example:

  • A 20' wide 22' deep two car detached garage is 440 square feet at $16,636.40 per square foot State of Minnesota valuation is $396.80 plus s/c of $8.32 is a total Minneapolis MN detached garage permit cost of $405.12.
  • A 22' wide 22' deep two car detached garage = 484 square feet x $18,300.04 per square foot = $436.40 + $9.15 state surcharge for a grand total of  $445.55.
  • A 24' wide 24' deep detached garage = 576 square feet x $21,778.56 per square foot = $495.80 + $10.89 s/c = $506.69.
  • A 30' wide 22' deep three car detached garage = 660 square feet x $24,954.60 per square foot = $555.20 + $12.48 s/c = $567.68.

Click here for a complete list of the City of Minneapolis MN Detached Garage Fee Schedule.


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