Garage Builders

Minneapolis St Paul 20x22 Detached Garage

20x22 Detached Minneapolis GarageThis is Western Garage Builders most popular 20x22 Garage Style. It has all the features you'd expect in a garage today.

  • 16x7 Steel Insulated Overhead Door
  • Premium Vinyl Siding
  • Aluminum Sofit & Fascia
  • 36" Steel Pannel Service Door
  • Vinyl Slider Window
  • St Louis Park Detached GarageRoofing to Match The Home
  • Full Electric Wiring
  • Automatic Overhead Garage Door Opener
  • Steel re-inforced  Garage Slab
  • Cement Block On Top Of Slab
  • Cement Drivway
  • Ground Preperation
  • 2 Car Garage St PaulOld Garage Removal
  • Sales Tax
  • Building Permits With 5 seperate Inspections
  • Clean Up