24x24 St Paul Stucco Garage

St Paul Stucco Garage Brown CoatHow Long Does It Take To Stucco A Garage?

Two Car St Paul Stucco GarageThe stucco process for a typical St Paul Garage can add 4-5 weeks. Stucco Garages take longer to build because its a multi step process.

Stucco Garages

Applying Stucco to a Garage is a three-coat process, a scratch coat, brown coat, and finish coat. The typical thickness of the stucco 2 Car Garage Stucco Sidingfor a St Paul Stucco Garage is 7/8-inch thick. Western's three-coat application will have metal lath mesh reinforcement embedded in the base coat and filled with a brown coat for greater strength and adhesion.

  1. Frame the Garage
  2. Wrap the Garage in a water-resistant building paper
  3. Apply metal lath which is a mesh reinforcement to the building paper
  4. Get the felt and lath inspected before applying first coat
  5. Apply the scratch coat
  6. Let the scratch coat cure for 28 days
  7. Apply brown coat
  8. Apply finish coat
The top Garage picture is a 24x24 Two Car Garage after the scratch coat was completed. As you can see its extremely ruff. The other Garage pictures ar after the Stucco finish coat was applied.