Minneapolis Garages

This Detached Garage is located in Minneapolis, MN

MplsGarage Two Car Hip RoofMinneapolis Garage Siding

I'm often asked what type of siding I would recomend for a typical Mpls stucco home. Stucco is a great siding choice but the cost makes it prohibitive for most Twin Cities homeowners. This picture illustrates how well vinyl siding and  stucco match when you chose the same siding color.

This MplsGarage is 22' wide and 22' deep.

The owners of this Minneapolis Garage wanted to match the hip roof style they had on their home so thats exactly what we did.

MplsGarage Roofing Materials

We used GAF/ELK Royal Sovereign® roofing shingles because we wanted to combine the simple, timeless beauty with GAF's well-known quality. GAF/ELK Royal Sovereign® roofing shingles is the most-preferred fiberglass strip shingle in its class among contractors  builders and Minneapolis St Paul homeowners.