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2 Car 2 Story Garage Using Attic Trusses and Dormer


2 Car 2 Story Garage Using Attic Trusses & Dormer

As the cost of new home construction continues to rise, Minnesota homeowners are turning their attention to 2 car 2 story garages as a way to maximize the square footage of their homes with out breaking the bank. 

For instance, a 14x24 room addition starts at over $200.00 per square foot. That's a starting price of $67,200 and will often reach over $100,000.00 for just 336 square feet. Not bad but a new 2 car 2 story garage can give you so much more.

A 24x24 detached two car garage has 576 square feet on the lower level for your vehicles and lots of room for you Bikes, lawn mower, snow blower and anything else you want to store. If you add a second floor using 12/12 room in attic trusses you'll have another 336 square feet for storage, a home office, exercise room, kids play room, man cave or any other room function you can dream up. If you add the usable square footage for both floors thats 912 square feet. 2 story garages will start around $40,000.00 depending on the level of finish you choose.

This is an excellent example of a 2 story 2 car garage. The owner of this beautiful two story garage located in South Minneapolis near Lake Harriet used his second floor storage only the first winter. After he saw the possibilities, he went all out finishing it for a home office and rec room. 

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