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Why do MN Garage Builders use concrete for Garage Slabs?

Concrete is the material of choice of Western Garage Builders for Minnesota Garage Slabs & Driveways. Its relatively inexpensive to install and provides an attractive, durable surface that's easy to maintain.

What Is Quality Concrete?

Quality concrete is the perfect mix of locally available materials which meet or exceeds performance expectations for its use.

No single concrete mixture is suitable for all applications. A Concrete mixture used for a Minnesota Garage Slab in the middle of summer might not be suitable for a beautiful fall day. Therefore matching the concrete properties with the conditions is a necessary first step in producing a quality Garage Slab.

What Type of Concrete Is a MN Garage Slab Made of?

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Concrete, in its most basic form is a mixture of cement, aggregate and water. Concrete quality depends upon the quantity and quality of the aggregate and the paste (cement & water). The key to achieving a strong, durable Garage Slab rests in the careful proportioning and mixing of ingredients.

Cement In A Minnesota Garage Slab?

Cement Used In A MN Garage Slab

Cement, when water is added creates the paste that binds aggregate together to form concrete. Not only does the amount of cement used in a Garage slab affect performance, but also the type of cement used. There are many types of portland available for use in concrete.

Aggregate In A MN Garage Slab?

Aggregate Used In A MN Garage Slab

Coarse aggregates are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. From round smooth river gravel to rough angular crushed stone. Concretes ultimate strength is affected by the type of coarse aggregate used in your Garage Slab.

 Water Content In A MN Garage Slab

Water in a MN Garage Slab

Less is more in a Minnesota garage slab. The quality of hardened concrete is greatly influenced by the amount of water used in relation to the amount of cement. Higher water contents dilute the cement paste (the glue of concrete).

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