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Great American Companies That Started In A Garage


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This is a slogan my father came up with over 60 years ago for his MN Garage Building business Western Construction.  Its as true today as it was then.

In fact, Western Construction was started in a Detached Garage in Minneapolis, MN. So I started to think, what other great American Companies started in a garage?

It didn't take long to learn that the Garage, has long been at the forefront of great American Companies.

HP-Hewlett Packard Started In A Garage

Did you know that William Hewlett and David Packard Started their company in a garage. This garage was located in Palo Alto, California and is considered to be the birthplace of Silicon Valley.

Google, Inc. Had Its Start In A Garage

Sergey Brin and Larry Malseed together raised enough money to rent a garage in Menlo Park and started a company called Google, Inc.

Apple Computer Started In A Garage

Steve Jobs moved his fathers car restoration equipment out of their families garage and put in a large wooden work bench. That work bench served as Apple's first manufacturing base. That is the garage where Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs built the original Apple Computer.

I think the new slogan for Western Construction, Inc. should be,

Some Of The Largest Companies In The World Started In A Garage, Let Western Garage build One For You!


Want To succeed In Business? Build A New Western Garage


Want to be the next Google, HP or Apple Computer? Build A New Western Garage

I guess I need some help with my new Western Garage Builders slogan. If you have any fresh idea's I can use please  reply to this post.

If you know of other Great American Companies that started in a Garage please respond to this post.


Bradley Chazin
Western Construction, Inc.
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