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Can I build A Two Story Garage in Minneapolis?

South Minneapolis Attic Truss Garage

In Minneapolis its actually a two part answer.

A Minneapolis Detached Garage shall not exceed the height of the principal structure or twelve (12) feet, whichever is less. For a gable roof Garage the maximum height is measured to the midpoint of the gable. In other words its the average distance between the top ridge and the eave.

The maximum height of the Detached Garage may be increased to sixteen (16) feet or the height of the principal structure, whichever is less, where the primary exterior materials of the accessory structure match the primary exterior materials of the principal structure and the roof pitch matches the primary roof pitch of the principal structure, and provided the wall height shall not exceed ten (10) feet from the floor to the top plate.

To increase the Maximum height of a Detached Garage in Minneapolis a additional permit is required.

Attic Truss Garage

On this Mpls Garage we used a 10/12 room in attic truss with LP Smartside shingle siding. The principal structure had cedar siding on it but the City of Minneapolis allowed the LP Smartside because it matched her cedar siding so well.

Using LP Smartsiding siding was a excellent choice, not only because its as durable as it is beautiful but its manufactured in right here in Northern Minnesota just outside of Duluth.


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