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St Paul Garage Attic Truss Roof

If you live on a typical 40' Minneapolis or St Paul city lot and you need additional storage then maybe a Room in Attic Truss is the Garage truss for you?

This is an example of a 24' wide 24' deep 10/12 Room in Attic Truss Garage.

24x24 St Paul Attic Truss Garage

This Attic Truss Garage has a ceiling height of 7'6" with room dimensions of 12' wide x 24' deep for a total of 288 square feet. That's the perfect size for a home office or all the storage space you'll ever need.

For this St Paul Garage We installed Two Vinyl Double Hung Windows in each gable end for lot of natural light. For the Garage Attic floor we used 3/4 tongue and grove flooring for superior load bearing structural support.

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