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Western Garage Builders Can Sell Your Old Detached Garage

Free Old Garage RemovalCan Western Garage Builders really can sell your old Single Car Detached Garage to make way for your new Garage. The answer is Maybe!

Free Old Garage Removal

Free Minneapolis St Paul Old Garage RemovalMost of the time when I'm called out to a Minneapolis or St Paul home to build a new Detached Garage their is a Old Garage Removal involved. Over the last 61 years Western Garage Builders has built relationships with different movers who will haul your old Garage away for Free. Not all Garages can be sold or hauled away for free. Many Garages are just too old to make the move so they need to be torn down.

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Its a win, win deal.

  • The mover gets a Free Garage to sell
  • You save hundreds of dollars because you don't have to pay for the cost of the Garage Removal
  • I get to recycle your old Garage,
  • Even the environment wins because the old Garage stays out of the land fill

Minneapolis Garage Moving Requirements

According to the City of Minneapolis

  • Permits and inspections are required to move a garage from outside or within the city from another property address
  • Garages to be moved must be in good condition
  • Roofing must be serviceable
  • Stucco siding must be repaired
  • Rotted materials replaced,
  • All types of siding and the fascia/soffits to be repainted if paint is flaking and/or peeling.



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