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James Hardie Blind or Face Nailing


Whats The Difference Between Blind Nailing & Face Nailing James Hardie Siding?

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James Hardie recommends Blind nailing every type of HardiePlank®lap siding.

What is Blind nailing? With blind nailing, each course of HardiPlank Lap Siding covers the fasteners on the course below, which provides the best looking siding installation.

To make the installation easier, James Hardie HardiePlank®HZ5™ Lap Siding is manufactured with a nail line. This nail line should be used as a guide for proper nail placement when blind nailing.

Face Nailing James Hardie Siding

Although James Hardie recommends blind nailing, face nailing may
be required for certain types of lap siding installations including: installations in high wind areas, fastening into OSB or equivalent sheathing without penetrating a stud, or when dictated by specific building codes.

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