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Fiber Cement Siding | Shrink Issues


Fiber Cement Board Siding Will ShrinkWill Fiber Cement Siding Shrink?

YES, all Fiber Cement Siding will shrink. The real issue isn't whether fiber cement siding will shrink, it's how much it will shrink.

This is a picture of Fiber Cement Siding that has shrunk too much. It was installed per manufacturer specifications. That's important because if you don't install Fiber Cement Siding per instructions you could void the warranty.

Fiber Cement Siding leaves the manufacturing process with a very high moisture content. It actually cures on your home similar to your cement driveway. If you dont allow for shrinkage or it shrinks too much you have a ugly looking siding job.

The Fiber Cement Siding on this Minnetonka Minnesota home shrunk beyond industry standards. We filed a claim with the manufacture on behalf of the homeowner to get their siding replaced.

This Fiber Cement Siding manufacture acknowledged it had shrunk beyond industry standards. They agreed to supply all the materials and labor needed to complete the job.

This case illistrates how important it is to purchase your Fiber Cement Siding from a reputable contarctor like Western Construction.

Is Fiber Cement Siding right for you?

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