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LP SmartSide Siding | A Exelent Green Siding Option


LP SmartSide Siding makes a excellent Green choice.

Many of my customers who choose Engineered Wood Siding for their Minnesota Home Improvement project like the look of real wood siding but not all the maintenance. Engineered wood siding is a excellent green option. LP SmartSide Siding is a great example of a engineered wood product. LP SmartSide Siding is made from wood strands that are coated with a resign binder and compressed to create a very strong board. LP SmartSide Siding looks like real wood but is free of knots, resist warping and is factory primed. The factory primed process deliverers optimal paint adhesion for a consistent paint application.

LP SmartSide Siding has another advantage over real wood siding. Its theiir 5/50-Year Limited Warranty. This Warranty provides a 5-year 100% labor and replacement feature with a 5/50-year prorated Limited Warranty.

LP SmartSide Siding Benefits

  • LP SmartSide Siding is less costly than real wood siding
  • LP SmartSide Siding is lighter weight than brick or fiber cement siding
  • LP SmartSide Siding requires no special tools or fasteners
  • LP SmartSidie Siding is factory primed




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