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Snow and Ice Melting Products

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Have you sealed your new Garage Slab or Cement Driveway with a good cement sealer? If you haven't you should keep all Snow & Ice melting products off of the new surface. In fact its a good idea to kick all the dirty snow from your wheel wells off your vehicles before you pull into your new garage.

Road salt is the #1 enemy of new garage slabs. Western Construction uses a 4000psi concrete in our Garage slabs, driveways and side walks. Concrete dosen't reache its 4,000lb strength until the 28th day. The longer your garage slab cures the stronger the cement will get. Concrete will continue to cure and will achieve higher psi strengths after more time has passed. We tested one garage slab after 2 years of service and all three core samples tested over 5500psi.

If you didn't get a chance to seal your concrete last year, take a few percaushions to protect your investment.

  • Never use Snow & Ice melting products on unprotected Garage slabs or any new concrete product
  • Clean the snow from your vehicle's wheel wells
  • Shovel the snow & ice that has melted from your vehicles on too your Garage slab and driveway 
  • When possible apply a good cement sealer

Nothing will protect concrete 100% but a few precautions will go a long way.

If you have any questions about cement sealers or ice and snow mely, please call Western Construction at Mpls 952-920-8888 St Pual 651-699-6900

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