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Cleaning Vinyl Siding


How Do I Clean Vinyl Siding?

ALside Vinyl SidingThe Vinyl Siding Institute VSI  recommends washing vinyl siding with a soft cloth or a long handled bristle brush but make sure the bristles are soft.

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For best results start at the bottom row and work your way up. Rinsing often so the dirt and cleaning solution wont leave a film on your siding.

Can I use a Power Washer to clean Vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding can be cleaned with a power washer but be careful not to have the water pressure adjusted too strong. You want to gently clean the vinyl siding, you don't want to drive water behind your siding because it can cause problems at areas like windows and doors.

What type of Vinyl Siding cleaners are available for  stains?

Its always a good idea to check with the manufacture of your vinyl siding to see what solutions they recomend for stubborn stains like;

Bubble gum, crayon, felt-tip pen, grass, motor oil, paint, pencil, rust, tar and top soil.

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