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Two Car Mpls GarageTwo Car Garage

A Two Car Garage is the #1 requirement first-time home buyers want in their new home according to a survey done by Professional Builder Magazine. When it comes to home features, ample garage space, walk in closets and a family room ranked highest among respondents.

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A Two Car Garage was either extremely important or somewhat important according to 9 in 10 builders.

  • Two Car Garage 52.7 Extremely Important
  • Two Car Garage 34.9% Somewhat Important
  • Two Car Garage 5.5% Neither Important or Unimportant
  • Two Car Garage 2.7% Somewhat Important
  • Two car Garage 4.1% Important

Neighborhood schools, ample garage space and walking/biking paths are amoung the community and home features most desired by first-time buyers.

Not suprisingly, family friendly features like neighborhood schools, waling/biking paths and parks rankd highest among community features acording to a January 2011 survey of Professional Builder readers.

Garage space was the #1 ranked home feature followed by walk in closets and a family room.

Other desirable home features were an open floor plan, walk in shower, master bathroom with dual vanities, a separate tub and shower, high efficient heating and cooling systems and high performance windows.

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