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Garage Roof Collapse Season is Almost Here


Garage Roof CollapseGarage Roof Collapse

How does the word collapse pertain to garage roofs. 

  1. To fall down or inward suddenly; cave in.

  2. To break down suddenly in strength and thereby cease to function

  3. To fold compactly

Winter is coming to Minnesota and garage roofs all over the Minneapolis St Paul area will be collapsing.

While this is good news for Western (we build a lot of new garages due to garage roof cave in) its bad news for Minnesota homeowners. Your car and belongings are often damaged beyond repair and the process of fighting with your insurance company to get everything replaced is a daunting one. 

You can eliminate all those headaches by replacing your old worn out garage with a new Western garage this fall.

There is still time to replace your garage but time is running out.

Western Garage Builders

This picture reminds me why Western Garage Builders puts so much thought into the engineering of every garage  and garage roof we build.

This is what happened;

  • The garage slab has a large crack that has been separating for many years due to insufficient steel reinforcing

  • This caused the walls to sink and bow out at the bottom

  • Which helped the garage roof rafters under heavy snow load to separate resulting in the collapse

Is it time for your new Western Garage?

Fill out the contact form on the right or call Western Garage Builders at Minneapolis 952-920-8888 or St Paul 651-644-6900 for more details.



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