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Helping MN Storm Damage Residents


Western Garage Builders Helps Minneapolis Storm Damage Residents

As we all know by now North Minneapolis was hit by a tornado last Sunday.

Western Garage Builders was called out to assist Minneapolis residents who had Garage related storm damage.

It was all too common to find cars and trucks trapped inside collapsed garage roofs. Believe it or not, these were the lucky ones. Many of the Minneapolis Garages damaged by the tornado are either in a pile of rubble or missing all together. In some neighborhoods all of the garages are either damaged or gone. Some of the garages were damaged by tree's falling on them, while others fell victim to the wind. To most Minneapolis residents it didn't really matter how there garage was damaged, they just wanted their life back to the way it was before Sunday's storm.

Minneapolis Garage Storm Damage Expert

If you're looking for for a professional Minneapolis Storm Damage Expert, then call Western Construction today at 952-920-8888 or complete our online request form.

Western Garage Builders was there to help any way we could.

In these following pictures you'll see just one example of how we can help.

Minneapolis Garage Storm Damage 1

Minneapolis Storm Damage 2

Minneapolis Storm Damage 3

Minneapolis Storm Damage 5

Minneapolis Storm Damage 6

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