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Replacement Windows Installation


Replacement Window Installation

Proper Replacement Window Installation

Proper replacement window installation is as important if not more important than the window itself.

When you place an order for vinyl replacement windows you want to make sure you're purchasing measured to fit windows not stock windows like you'll find at a big box retailer like Menard's, Home Depot and Lowe's. 

Replacement Window Installation2

True Replacement Window Story

My cousin was buying a new home in Minneapolis, MN and asked me to over see the home inspection before he put in a offer. The house was in really good shape and they had new vinyl windows so we felt the energy cost should be low.

I went over to one of the vinyl windows and felt a slight draft. I thought, this is odd because they were a name brand window and shouldn't have a draft. I tried opening and closing both the top and bottom sashes but that didn't do the trick. I felt a little give so I gave the window a little push and the entire unit almost fell out of the opening. There was only one screw holding it in place.

My cousin was more than a little upset because he really liked the home but didn't want his windows falling out. We went around and found that more than half the windows were installed poorly. In addition to improper installation they were sized incorrectly so even if I pulled them out and reinstalled them they wouldn't work properly.

I gave Josh a quote to repair and replace the bad windows. He asked the sellers to pay for the window repair and replacement as part of the purchase order. They agreed to pay for the project in full and wished they had known that was the problem earlier so they wouldn't have suffered all those years.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

We installed newvinyl triple pane replacement windows. The entire home is noticeably warmer especially the bedrooms. Two of the bedrooms have windows right next to the beds so the triple pane replacement windows were the perfect choice.

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