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Home Improvement Minneapolis

Home improvements like home maintenance are a on going issue. A wet basement isn't fun and this time of year its starting to happen all over the Twin Cities. There are many factors that cause wet basements so therefore there are as many ways to solve the problem.

I always recommend the path of lease resistance or in this case the least expensive.

  • Make sure your sump pump is plugged in and in working order.

  • Walk around your home and look at the waterproofing materials on the outside of your foundation. Make sure there are no cracks or peeling.

  • Look at the grade around the foundation. Make sure the finished grade is sloping away from your house. See if you can find any settling or sunken areas. If you have any of these areas that's probably where the water is starting to collect.

  • Check for clogged or leaking gutters

  • Make sure your down spouts are connected and draining water far enough away from the foundation not to cause problems.

Home improvements like water management should be the goal here. Take away the water and you take away the water problem.





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