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DIY Roof Inspection Tips


DIY Roof Inspection Tips

In Minnesota our roofs are exposed to all the fury mother nature can throw at us. Scorching summer sun, high winds with heavy tornado like rains and lets not forget Minnesota slush commonly called snow. Its important to do regular inspections of your homes roof and roofing systems.

  • DIY Roof InspectionsInspect the exterior

Binoculars are perfect for DIY roof inspections. From the safety of the ground you can look for loose or curling shingles and damaged flashing.

  • Inspect the interior attic space

From the inside of your attic you're looking for signs of water penetration and mold. Mold growth in attics can cause hazardous living conditions for humans and pets alike as well as structural damage. I've seen mold eat walls or a roof from the inside out. Mold can cause thousands of dollars in restoration work to correct the problem.

  • Clean or replace your gutter

A improperly working gutter system can cause damage to your foundation as well as backing up into the roof and wall systems. This water can lead to mold and all the expenses that come with it.

If you find these or any other problem with your home please give Western a call. If we can't help you we will surely advise you on who can

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