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Bare Feet Airline TravelOn a recent Delta flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis I was witness to the decline of airline travel and maybe worse.

In 1949 Western Construction, Inc. was founded by my father Milton Chazin. The construction business is seasonal in Minneapolis-St Paul because of our harsh winters. I was pretty lucky because we would fly to Florida every year for Christmas Vacation. We were not asked but told to dress appropriately for airline travel.

I don't want to date myself but, back in the 60's that meant dress pants, shirt and shoes. All beach attire was of course packed securely in our suitcases and only worn at the beach.

On a recent flight from Las Vegas to Minneapolis-St Paul I had to sit for over three hours next to a gentleman who just finished a run and was still in his jogging shorts and tee shirt. He a smelled like a locker room.

That was pretty bad but on a recent flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis-St Paul I took a picture of what I feel is just not right. BARE FEET. That's right, BARE FEET.

The flight attendants just ignored the whole thing. I know they have more important things to worry about but BARE FEET?

I couldn't believe the whole thing so I whipped out my trusty iPhone and took this picture. The barefoot gentleman's wife saw me taking this picture and asked her husband to put his feet down.

One small step for mankind.

Am I being too pickey or do I have a point here? Please comment.

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