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LP SmartSide VS Fiber Cement Siding Video Builders Show


Minnesota Made LP SmartSide Siding vs James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Minnesota Siding

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All right, many of you are probably wondering what the differences are between a fiber cement siding product like – James Hardie Siding, CertainTeed Siding, MaxiTile and a real wood siding product like Minnesota made LP SmartSide siding. If you look at the backside of a piece of LP SmartSide siding you might wonder what it is? The reality is, there isn’t any cement in the LP SmartSide siding. It’s a treated engineered wood product, and all the wood flakes are coated in a wax resin, so it’s very, very moisture resistant.  LP SmartSide had zinc borate in the board, which makes it rot and air resistance. Minnesota Made LP SmartSide can offer a 50-year warranty on this siding product. Compare that to fiber cement siding brands on the market, which only offer a 30-year warrantee.  Most homeowners choose LP SmartSidie siding over fiber cement siding products because it has a 50-year warranty versus a 30-year warranty.

LP SmartSide siding products also come in 16-foot lengths, whereas the fiber cement panels are only 12’. With Minnesota made LP SmartSidie siding your going to have a lot less seams.  Folks also really like our deep embossed wood grain that you see with our product. Fiber cement siding textures don’t look nearly as realistic.  Another reason Western Construction recommends LP SmartSide siding is also made locally Minnesota and Wisconsin, which makes it a very green product. LP SmartSide Siding is made from Aspen trees, which is a very, very fast growing tree species.  The fastest growing exterior siding produce on the market right now is LP SmartSide, and we know you’ll like it on your house.

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