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DIY Garage Floor Epoxy Sealer Video


DIY Garage Floor Epoxy Sealer Video

Use QUIKRETE® 2-Part Epoxy Garage Floor Sealer to achieve the toughest garage surface in one coat. A water-based, two-component epoxy that delivers a coating that is two times stronger than concrete, 2-Part Epoxy Garage Floor Sealer is fortified with a new, heavy-duty resin technology that provides superior durability and protection against damage caused by hot tires, gasoline, oil, scuffs and wear and tear.

Garage Slab Sealer

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The entire Quickrete garage floor sealer project is available in one kit.  What you see here is our garage floor cleaner, d-greaser and etcher.  This is a product you take, and mix with three quarts of water, then put it on the garage slab surface, scrub it in using a scrub brush.  When this is being activated, it will start to foam.  Once it’s finished foaming you want to take a water hose and get all the debris out of the garage.  You’re going to continue to wash over the garage slab surface washing off all of the excess concrete that’s turning to dust.

You’re also going to be able to feel that the garage floor concrete has been etched.  One of the things that this will do is it will help the garage floor concrete accept the epoxy sealer as you put it on.  The great part about this is its going to resist hot tar pick up.  Everyone’s seen where garage floors have been finished but they haven’t been done properly, you drive a car into a garage then back the car back out of the garage, and you’re tires grab hold of the epoxy and rip the surface right off.  This etcher will keep that from happening. 

Garage Floor

Now we’re going get all of the debris off of the garage floor, you can feel that it’s ruff, and you know it’s clean.  Next you’re going to take the sponge and mix it up, take the part A and the part B of the epoxy, mixing them together.  Then what Keith’s going to be doing is just going around the surface and cutting in near the edge.  Just make sure you can get the product all the way to the edge of your garage floor.  While he’s doing that, I’ll step back and tell you a couple more things about this product. 

Each one of these garage floor sealer kits will cover 250 foot of floor, so roughly a one-car garage.  If you have a two-car garage your going to need two kids.  These kits retail at around $72.00, so you’re talking about for under $150.00 you can give your garage floor that extra pop.  And one effect that we have noticed in this day and age when spec homes were being built and people were looking for a way to have their home set apart from the other homes that were being built, putting our epoxy on the garage floor is a inexpensive way you can get this beautiful look your house. 

Now after this has been cut in your garage you can see that the edges are all taken care of.  We’re going to come back across the garage slab using a roller, and we’re going to roll this in two different directions.  You’re going to have about an hour and a half to work with it, but it goes on really fast.  As you can see, what we’re doing is we’re doing about a two foot by a four foot section.  The reason you want to do this in two foot by four foot sections is the next step that you’re going to do is going to be spreading the decorative flakes.  You’ll want to make sure you can reach across the area to get to the decorative flakes.

Brian is going to spread decorative flakes across the garage floor.  The flakes serve a couple of different purposes.  One is strictly decorative.  The other is it gives an anti-skid to the surface of the garage slab.  You can put on as much or as little as you would like.  You can see the applicator that we’re using that comes in the kit looks very simple like a pizza cheese spreader.  You can put as much or as little as you like on the garage slab so you can kind of create the effect that you want. 

Garage Slab Epoxy

One of the other great things about these decorative flakes is they will hide any imperfections in the garage floor.  They will also make it to where the garage floor doesn’t show dirt as easily. 

Now you can stop at this point and you have a beautiful garage surface, or we have another kit which is our premium garage floor kit.  The sample that’s over here on this far side, half of the sample was done just with this and we stopped.  The other half we used our premium epoxy.  This premium epoxy is a high gloss sealant that gives any garage floor a showroom finish, a really high gloss finish.  One of the other additives that comes with this product is a little packet of silica.  The silica will be mixed in with the product to make sure it has an anti-skid surface. 

So that addresses some of the problems that you might see on a typical garage floor and some of the things that you’d want to do to protect your garage floor. 

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