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I see a lot of rain barrels on Minnesota homes around the Minneapolis and St Paul area these days. I was walking the floor at the 2013 International Builders Show in Las Vegas and I saw this new innovative product you might be interested in. You could use it in conjuntion with your new Western Construction Garage!

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Good morning, this is the Original Rainwater Pillow. Perfect for any Minnesota Home Improvement project.  It’s an innovative rainwater harvesting storm water managing system.  It’s designed to go in horizontal wasted space that’s already available in many homes and and perfect for any Minnesota Home Improvement Project.  The pillows in a residence go under the crawlspace or under a deck.  In a commercial building they go in the basement of the building, out in the parking garage or behind an industrial building. 

We build custom-size pillows up to 200,000 gallons, any footprint you need.  So if you have a space that’s 23 feet by 46 feet, we can build one unit to go in that area, which will maximize your water collection volume. 

Typically the water is collected off the roof.  You can collect it from the ground, from like underground or the surface, but surface water is a bit more dirtier than roof water.  So the water is collected off the roof, it goes through a pre-filter, which removes any leafs or roof sediment.  It’s a gravity fill into the pillow. 

And then attached to the pillow is a pump, and the pump pulls the water out.  And there’s different types of pumps you can use.  Anywhere from a half-horsepower pump to a pressure pump to a solar pump. 

And once the water comes out of the pillow it is non-potable.  You can also add a secondary filtration for potable drinking water that you can bring back into the home or building to flush toilets or any other home use.

The secondary filtration system is typically four-stage.  It is a 25-micron filter, a 5-micron filter.  So once the water goes through those four stages it’s very nice clean drinking water. 

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