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Garage Room In Attic Truss Staircase v/s Ladder


Garage Room In Attic Truss Staircase v/s Ladder

Attic StaircaseOver 35 years ago when I started selling garages for my fathers construction company Western Garage Builders, we only built one Room in Attic style garage a year. Today were getting several requests a week for room in attic truss garages. There are many reasons for this but the main reason is in-expensive storage or living space.

Garage Staircase

Garage StaircaseThe two most common ways to access the attic space is by staircase or ladder. It really depends on how the space will be used.

If you're going to use the 2nd floor for a home office, exercise room, play room for the kids, mother in-law apartment or any style room where you will be accessing it daily, then you want a full staircase.

Garage Ladder

Garage Folding LadderIf you're going to use the 2nd floor for storage and won't be using it every day then the folding attic ladder will do the trick.

Room additions attached to your home will start around $200.00 per square foot finished. A 12x24 room addition = 288 square feet @ $200.00 per square foot = $57,600.00

A 12x24 garage attic room unfinished @ $26.00 per square foot = $7,500.00. You can finish the space yourself for a lot less than a remodeling contractor could saving you tens of thousands over the attached room addition.

You may not need the living space yet but want the additional storage a attic truss provides then a staircase still is a great idea. The staircase does cost more but down the road you'll be glad you did.

In conclusion, a staircase is a better option in most situations.

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