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Garage Ceiling Storage Lift


Garage Ceiling Storage Lift

Garage Ceiling Storage LiftThere are times when garage storage cannot be accommodated in the attic of a garage for numerous reasons. For these situations and others a garage ceiling lift may be the perfect solution.

Today's detached garages are built with standard 8' walls which leaves plenty of room for a ceiling lift to be used. You can create and additional 16 square feet of storage without effecting anything stored on the garage slab. Your snow blower, lawn mower and bikes are all unaffected by a garage storage lift.

The garage storage ceiling lift can hold most small and bulky items that normally take up so much floor space. Outdoor furniture, tires, boxes of seasonal holiday stuff like Christmas Decorations just to name a few.

The garage ceiling storage lift has a unique pulley system that can hold up to 250 pounds. You can raise and lower the garage ceiling lift with either a hand crank or a power drill.

Pictured is PHL-1R Ceiling Storage Lift made by Racor Home Storage Products.

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