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Garage Replacement Minneapolis St Paul


Garage Replacement Minneapolis St Paul

Western Garage Builders has been your garage replacement Minneapolis St Paul contractor since 1949.

Garage Replacement MinneapolisSpring time in Minneapolis St Paul isn't just for planting your new garden, it's the best time for garage replacement.

  • Material prices are the lowest of the year.
  • Garage prices are the lowest of the year
  • The air is cool and damp for the best concrete curing of the year.
  • Your garage slab will have months of curing before we head back into a Minnesota winter.
  • The overall construction time is the shortest of the year.
  • Best reason of all, you get to use your new garage all summer long.

Garage Replacement Minneapolis

Material prices therefore the overall garage cost will be the lowest of the season in the spring. Its a simple supply and demand issue. Winter is the season with the least construction activity so garage replacement cost will be the lowest. Fall construction activity will be the highest so of course garage replacement cost will be at a season high.

Garage Replacement St Paul

Western uses 4,500 psi concrete for our garage slabs. Concrete comes out of the truck at 0 psi and takes 28 days to achieve the desired 4,500 psi strength.

Concrete continues to cure and month after month and will continue to gain strength for many years. The stronger your garage slab is going into the first winter the better.

You also need enough time to seal your garage slab. Most cement sealing manufactures call for the concrete to be cured 28 days before applying their product. This again another great reason to have your Minneapolis St Paul garage replacement done early in the season.

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