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Minneapolis Garage Moving Requirements


Minneapolis Garage Moving Requirements

Minneapolis Garage Moving RequirementsThe City of Minneapolis requires building permits and inspections in order to move a garage from outside or within the City of Minneapolis to and from another address.

It probably should go without saying but the garage to be moved must me in good condition. Check the roofing, siding, soffit /fascia, framing and bottom plates for signs of rotting. If the garage has wood siding make sure the paint isn't flaking and or peeling prior to moving.

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If your moving a garage to a new address in the City of Minneapolis you'll most likely be putting the garage on a new garage slab. Make sure you obtain a building permit prior to pouring the new slab and for the placement of the garage. If you're hiring a contractor make sure they pull all aplicaple building permits before any work starts or money changes hands.

Minneapolis Garage  Requirements

  • City of Minneapolis Garage Moving Permit
  • City of Minneapolis Garage BUilding Permit
  • City of Minneapolis Garage Electrical Permit
  • Don't forget to call for all inspections including the final inspection.

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