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Garage Parking Mat

Minneapolis Garage Parking MatWestern Garage Builders is often asked, what size garage do I need to fit my car? Of course the answer depends on the type and size of car you want to put into your new Western Garage.

According to Wiki Answers the average length of a car is 13.5'.

St Paul Garage Parking Mat

When we discuss garage sizes we want to remember we're using outside dimensions. A 20x22 garage has 2x4 walls sitting on top of 6"-8" wide blocks. This makes the interior dimensions 1' less front to back and side to side. Therefore the actual interior dimensions of a 20x22 garage is 19x21.

There are many products on the market which can help you with this parking problem. I goggled garage parking mats and found a mat made by Maxsa which sells for less than $19.99.I go into garages everyday where a average size vehicle (13.5') is pulled almost all the way to the back of a 22' deep garage leaving little if any garage storage space. You should have 2-6' of storage depending on the size of your car.

Maxsa Product Description

Park your car safely and easily with the Maxsa Red Parking Mat. Roll over the first hump and be stopped by the second to know that you have parked in the exact right place, every time. The Red Parking Mat allows you to park safely and easily so you don't damage your vehicle or your garage. The included anti-skid tape prevents the mat from moving, and a reflective strip provides high visibility, even in low light.

How did we come up with the average car size?

According to the web site Wiki Answers there was a study done in Portland, Oregon to find the average length of a car. They wanted to see what size parking spaces would be needed to accommodate people. 

They measured 390 vehicles (Front bumper of the body to the rear bumper) and found the average length of 13.51706036745407 feet. This is the average size for midsized sedans/coupes.
A vehicle over 16.40419947506562 (5.0 meters) would be considered a large sized truck or SUV (Usually Commercial sized heavy duty diesels, like the Ford F-350-450).

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