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St Paul Garage Location Issues


St Paul Garage

St Paul Garage LocationAs the owner of Western Garage Builders I get calls all the time about garage location issues. Theres always something in the way like a tree or garden. Then there are time where you really need to scratch your head to figure out the best way to build a garage.

St Paul Garage Telephone Pole

Like this St Paul Garage

This garage is on Snelling Avenue in St Paul across from the fair grounds. Parking is at a premium in their neighborhood because every square inch of their yard needs to have a car parked on it during the Minnesota State Fair. The telephone pole could be moved but in this situation the cost was prohibitive. 

I took out my magic tape measure to see exactly what our options were.

If you look at the first picture it appears the pole is blocking access into the garage.

St Paul Garage Access IssuesIf you look at the second picture which was taken straight on, the pole is actually 6" inside the line of the garage door.

Picture number three was taken from the view of a car as you would enter the garage.

In most St Paul Garage alley locations you'd be able to enter the garage from either side of the alley. In this case you will only be able to enter the garage from the south. As it turns out because we set the garage back from the alley 8' they have no problem at all getting into or out of their new garage.

The've also maximized the off street parking the have for their son, guests and all those happy Minnesota State Fair goers.

Are you planning on build a new garage this year or next? If so please contact Western Garage Builders to get more information. St Paul 651-6644-6900 or Minneapolis 952-920-8888.

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